Thursday, July 14, 2011

Entertain Your Baby with a Variety of Baby Games

Our children and their education are a big priority for most caring parents. The days when a child had to wait to go to primary school without having anything to do have now long gone, thanks to the many baby games available. These games are meant to keep your baby busy and at the same time, educate the little one before he or she attends pre-school. There are a variety of games and activities for your baby such as arts and crafts, coordination and movement, outdoor activities, kitchen fun and educational toys that include listening, speaking, and connecting.
Babies, even little kids are mostly fascinated by toys, even if the toys or games are very straight forward and do not do a lot of things. However, most parents nowadays would prefer to do educational activities with their children such as arts and crafts activity that is called Floor Art. This activity suits any gender of babies and takes about 15 – 20 minutes to execute and here are the directions to the game. This arts and crafts activity will teach your toddler the common shapes such as triangle, circle, square etc.
You will need a large piece of paper that is taped to the floor, a box of crayons or felt pens and a masking tape. This type of activity provides your baby to experience a new dimension in scribbling by utilizing his or her whole body, unlike other arts and crafts which only use the arm, to shift the paper around. Once the paper is taped to the floor, begin drawing together by moving around as much as needed. For an extended version of this activity, you may cut several pieces of butcher paper into basic shapes like the triangle, circle, square, rectangle and more. Then, tape all the edges down with a masking tape and draw the shapes. You can plan this activity with your toddler on a sidewalk or driveway by substituting the crayons or felt pens with chalk.
Some other popular baby games that you can play with toddler is the body parts activity. This activity takes about 5 to 10 minutes to play. You will need nose tissues to play with your toddler. There are many body parts as well as news words to learn and this game allows your toddler to learn all the body parts such as eyes, nose, knees, legs and many more.
Simply call out the body parts and put the tissues on the spot of the body parts called out on your toddler. After you are done with your turn, let your toddler have his or her turn by calling out the body parts to you, and then check if you have put the tissue on the correct body parts. Play around by making a few obvious mistakes so that your toddler will know which body part is which. You can also use dolls or stuffed animals to identify the body parts together. Educational baby games are great and beneficial to both parents and child as these types of games are able to prepare your baby for pre-school or kindergarten.