Sunday, September 26, 2010

Music helps to stimulate the child's mind

There have been many studies done regarding the importance of music in the development of children.  Studies have proven that music does have a positive influence on children in different stages of development.

Parents are known to play classical music while the mother is still pregnant.  It is a well known fact that children do react positively to music even while in the fetal stages.  Classical music is soothing to the fetus, especially when it is very active and causing the mother discomfort.

Music also plays a part in early child development.  Most mobiles and crib toys play some kind of music to soothe the child to sleep.  Music also gets the baby's attention at play.  Music helps to stimulate the child's mind and that is important at any stage of development.  Many shows that are geared toward children incorporate some type of music into their programming.

Music is also a wonderful learning tool.  There are songs that help children learn things on television programs as well as in the classroom.  Most children learn their ABCs through song.  There are many lessons that are incorporated through music.

Music also helps with hand eye coordination in children.  The rhythmic clapping and keeping up with the music stimulates the brain.  Studies also show that exposure to music helps with learning math later in the child's life.

Children who participate in music in school are also proven to be better students.  Learning music takes a lot of counting and reading, both are classes that musicians in school are known to excel in.  Children who take music classes or are a part of a band have to learn to read music and of course they have to keep time with the music.  They also have to learn to work together with the band and have to play their parts effectively.

As a part of a band the children also learn that if they do not cover their parts then the piece is not complete.  They must participate synonymously with each other in order for their recitals to be successful.  They learn teamwork and responsibility all in one place.

Music is both educational and therapeutic.  It can help soothe people and it is also associated with celebration of all kinds.  It's a wonderful tool of education.

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