Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun Ideas for Family Night

Keeping the family together and having fun can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Often time, life gets a little hectic and in the midst of all the craziness we forget to spend time with the people we love most. Running from one activity to the next can be easily have us feeling rundown and exhausted. It’s important to set aside time for the whole family to be together. A time where you can grow as a family, improve your relationships, and have some fun together.
By setting aside one night a week or even one night a month you can really solidify your family relationships. Even teenagers who usually want to be alone can learn to enjoy time with their family. Maybe you have a child who is behaving poorly. You can use a family night to express your love and better understand what you can do to work with that child better. So here are a few simple ideas that you can use to have some on your next family night:
  • Mini-Golf Anyone? Going to a mini-golf course is a great way for everyone to get out and have some fun together. Chances are you’re not raising a family of Phil Mickelson’s, so don’t worry if you take some terrible shots or lose a ball in the fountain; it’s about being able to laugh at yourself.
  • See a Sporting Game- While it may be a bit pricey to take the whole family to a playoff game. A regular season baseball game shouldn’t be too outrageous to handle. In fact a lot of baseball stadiums offer $1 seats. They may be far away, but the kids won’t care too much as the excitement of a major league game is felt throughout the entire stadium. Plus with all the money you save on tickets you can afford to get hot dogs and snacks for everyone.
  • Board Games and Dessert- No need to leave home for this one. Grab some of the classic board games and pull out the ice cream. Remember that you’re family and you all know each other. There’s no reason to get fancy or formal. Just have some fun playing board games and finish things off with a dessert that everyone will love.
  • Go for a Hike- Hit the trails for a little family adventure. You don’t have to do anything too technical but getting out and exploring things is a great way to mix it up. If hiking isn’t your thing you can build a fire outside and make some smore’s. The fire is a great way to talk and open up to each other.
As parents it’s normal to want to protect your children. Of course you can’t follow them every time they leave the house to stop them from drinking and driving or making other bad decisions. You can however, help them understand how much you care about them and help them see the importance of spending a little time together as a family. Ultimately no matter what your situation is, with a little planning and preparation you can make your next family night something that everyone can love.

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  2. We have what we call family circle night. A couple times we set up a full sized tent in our living room. We just sit in it and talk about one topic. Isaak doesn't participate too much yet. If you ask him a question he doesn't know how to answer.

    We also have movie/cuddle night too. We don't have cable, so a movie night every once in a blue moon is nice.