Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eco-friendly Toys: Good All Around

From new cars to dishwashing detergent, virtually every purchase these days is centered around eco-friendliness—with some exceptions. Until just recently, there wasn’t much focus on environmental responsibility in the toy industry. Eco-friendly toys are finally beginning to grow in popularity and availability, although many consumers still aren’t aware of them.
As their name implies, eco-friendly toys are good for the earth. The meaning of this phrase can vary: the toys might be manufactured from recycled or renewable materials, colored with water-based paints, produced locally, or use minimal packaging. Regardless of the specifics, most eco-friendly toys eliminate the risk of toxins and paints that may harm children. Think about it: toys can go into a baby’s mouth, a toddler’s bed, or a kindergartner’s backpack—it stands to reason that extra precautions should be taken to ensure their safety. 
Safe, earth-friendly toys also present an opportunity to teach children about the importance of the environment by involving them directly. When you give your child an eco-friendly toy, you can explain how the toy was made—with sustainable materials, using socially responsible processes, or according to Fair Trade policies—and why that matters. Kids who are raised to respect the earth from an early age will grow into adults who have a deep understanding of and appreciation for their natural surroundings.
As an environmentally conscious parent, eco-friendly toys provide you with a way to help the planet while easing your anxieties about your children’s well-being. You can rest assured that the toys your children are handling and exploring are completely safe  Plus, you’ll be supporting organizations that care about the world as much as you do. Eco-friendly toys are an easy step towards a better, brighter future for your children and future generations.