Monday, July 26, 2010

Fair Trade Toys: Fun for Kids, Kind to the Environment

Not all of the products we own are manufactured to the benefit of all parties. But with the aptly named “Fair Trade” items, production is engineered to ensure not only their durability and functionality, but also the equitable compensation and treatment of the people and materials used to create them. In addition to sparking fun and imagination, Fair Trade toys offer an array of socially responsible advantages:
Handmade in developing countries: India, Peru, Thailand, Sudan, and Haiti are just a few of the countries where Fair Trade toys are produced.
Beneficial to the creators: Crafters receive fair wages and benefits for their work; in turn, their families and communities benefit from the income.
Unique, high-quality designs: Since every toy is handmade and not rushed through a factory line, each is fashioned individually with painstaking attention to detail and the finest materials available.
Safe for children: Unlike the standard kids’ toys made in China, Fair Trade toys are made from entirely toxic-free plastics and paints.
Environmentally friendly: Made from natural, sustainable materials, Fair Trade toys are produced by eco-conscious companies that seek out the most efficient, low-impact processes.
Fair Trade toys are a win/win: kids get to enjoy imaginative play, while you are content in the knowledge that your purchase is contributing to a healthier planet and benefiting the people and communities producing them. And on top of all those advantages, each toy presents an opportunity to introduce your children to a new culture and a different part of the world.